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Dispatch Communications

Two of the resources we use here at On-Site to communicate with dispatch are SMS texting and the Status Update Form.  SMS texting to automated dispatch is our primary source of communication. This allows us to communicate with dispatch and notify of our status updates, such as going en-route, on scene, clear from a call, or copy to a notification. Our secondary means of communication is the Status Update Form.  To access this you will go into either FastField or a link to Caspio.  You will select an option from the drop down menu of your particular status.  Where it says run number, you will type in the run number given via SMS or Schedule Viewer.  This number is a 6-digit alpha numeric number that will tell dispatch which call you are referencing.  If there is any need for a comment, you can enter it in the comments box.  Once you have selected a status option and typed in your run number, you can click “Submit” and dispatch will receive your message.  Below you will see a few examples of how these work. Feel free to download and print for reference. Please remember SMS text messaging is our primary source of communication.