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PPE Quiz

Hardhats used in the construction industry are rated by ANSI, an entity that exists to test and supply reliable data for equipment used to protect workers. Construction workers must wear the proper hardhat for his/her specific job type. The inner webbing of the hardhat must not be removed because it is an integral part of the hardhat’s protection factor. Safety glasses and face shields are also rated by ANSI, in fact safety glasses used in construction must have ANSI Z87.1 marked on them. Face shields must be worn in addition to safety glasses when performing tasks such as grinding, chipping and other activities that present hazards to not only the eyes, but also the face. Ear protection comes in a variety of types and sizes. Foam earplugs are the most common. Earmuffs are also used by construction workers. Earplugs and ear muffs must be worn properly to be sure their Noise Reduction Rating is actually achieved. Sometimes, double ear protection is required and then the worker must wear earplugs and muffs. Signs are posted when head, eye, face or hearing protection is required. Also, supervisors should advise employees during their Pre-task meeting when specific personal protective equipment is required.